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Lynda Bradley, M.A., Life Coach and Medical Intuitive

Lynda Bradley Lynda Bradley, M.A., is an Intuitive who provides life coaching and spiritual healing insights through her health care practice “Portals of Light”. She combines a natural gift of intuitive vision with extensive clinical training, offering Consultations for Health Issues. (see Biography)

“IMAGINE that you could be launched into rapid self-discovery, - that with this pivotal process, you can quickly gain insights to alleviate and abbreviate your life challenges. Through the Sessions described here, these paths open up to you. You are invited to pass through these gates of understanding, as they become your Portals to the Light. “

What is an Intuitive?

An Intuitive Counselor receives information from sensory sources that are not commonly perceptible. The Intuitive is able to see patterns of energy within each person. These patterns go beyond the obvious physical symptoms and they connect with the larger tapestry of Life. Each Intuitive receives information differently, in a manner unique to their particular skills. (see Philosophy/Resources)

What is an Intuitive Session?

Lynda acts as a Life Counselor providing clarity for transitions and challenges. She does not suggest fixed outcomes in your life. Instead, using methods of holistic and quantum healing, she encourages you to visualize and attract hopeful potentials. By changing your consciousness and energy, you are better able to redirect your path.(see Consultations)

Why Contact an Intuitive Life Coach?

With Intuitive Counseling sessions, you quickly obtain insights concerning problems in your thoughts, emotions, and spirit. With Lynda’s help, you understand your energetic ‘blueprint’ and can make adjustments in behaviors. (see Testimonials)


Call 240 912 4510 during business hours (EST), to schedule a Phone Consultation with Lynda.

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