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PHILOSOPHY – Lynda Bradley, M.A., Life Coach and Medical Intuitive

Healing is achieved through Lynda’s Life Counseling and Medical Intuitive Work. By incorporating the principles of Quantum Physics, Science and Spirit intersect. The interpretation of patterns of Light and Energy within an individual is a core part of Lynda’s Intuitive Counseling Session, and it is a critical step toward the balance of body-mind-spirit.

Science Merged with Spirit –

A new paradigm for Medicine has been created through scientific developments during the past fifty years, - specifically in the field of Quantum Physics. The Universe is now seen as a Unified Field of interaction between Energy and Matter. Therefore, the energetic vibration from our beliefs and emotions is translated directly to our physical and material worlds. How we feel is how we vibrate, and this dictates the response of our physical cells and our life experiences. Emotions and beliefs, - both conscious and unconscious –that we hold about our world, are a creative force in our lives. They may cleanse, strengthen, or enervate us, -- or conversely produce blockage, toxicity, or depletion in our bodies and environment. Positive emotions will encourage health and wellness, while negative emotions foster illness and disease. Our physical world manifests from our emotions, and our emotions emanate from our Beliefs and Spirit. If we want to effectively correct physical problems, we must intervene closest to the true root cause, - at the level of emotional/spiritual awareness. This approach has the greatest potential to change our energy at its source.

The Healing Aspect of Light –

From modern physics, we have indisputable proof that our physical cells emit Light. We humans are physiological prisms, ‘Light’ Beings. Light transmits between energy and matter, appearing both as a particle of matter, or a wave of energy. Variations in these Light frequencies will produce a spectrum of colors. When the flow of Light becomes disturbed, illness begins, - and when the flow is smooth, we are in balance and good health. Any shift in our consciousness, or in our emotions, redefines the flow and frequency of Light. We can deliberately intend a positive change during our practice of Visualization and Meditation. The application of Color-Light in Medicine has been used throughout History in many cultures, particularly Egypt, Greece, India, and China.

Visualization and Meditation –

We live between two worlds: First, a visible external world before our eyes, - the material world known to Science. The second is a non-visible internal world behind our eyes, - the Spirit world relating to our Source. Each day, there may be a thousand mini-moments when we can utilize our Consciousness to retrieve this Source connection deep inside. In order to do this, we must break with what is in our vision, even for a few seconds. Stop, and while reducing our Sensory involvement, then Separate emotionally. In this created internal Space and Silence, we are better able to objectively Survey a situation. From this detached place, we can act from an intuitive position, rather than reacting while being entangled in our material surroundings.


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