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CONSULTATIONS with Lynda Bradley, M.A., Life Coach and Medical Intuitive

Why and When to Schedule – All stresses and challenges affect our Health and all are relevant to a Consultation. All issues that reflect physical, emotional, and spiritual balance are appropriate.

What Happens at a Consultation – Before your Session, you would carefully determine the questions you want to ask. Then at appointment time, as you describe your situation, information flows forward for Lynda to share with you. Among her varied skills, she receives data from an individual’s unique ‘voice-print’. Lynda will explain to you the energetic sources for your issues, and offer techniques for stress management and healing.

How Often to Schedule - The frequency of Sessions is determined by you. If additional problems arise, another Session may be appropriate.

Confidentiality – When you schedule an appointment, a ‘contract’ is formed, which permits Lynda to observe your energy field. Without this, no information is accessed.


HEALTH READINGS: To clarify dysfunctional patterns in your life and offer individual techniques for changing your thoughts, behaviors, and vibration. You are launched into self-discovery and are better empowered to make decisions and regulate your own life and health. This Session provides liberating insights for your actions and choices. This approach can be deeply pivotal for all life challenges and transitions and can be useful either for daily inner growth, or for more chronic complex cases. This Session is a catalyst for change, as it awakens us to our life purpose. It is most appropriate for people who seek to understand their participation and accountability in their actions, and who intend to use the information provided with self-examining honesty.

-for empowerment to make decisions
-for self-discovery and liberating insights
-as a pivot for transitions
-as a catalyst for change
-for creating a new life story


Call 240 912 4510 during business hours (EST), to schedule a Phone Consultation with Lynda.




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