Abbreviate Life Challenges with immediate Insights


Learn the Cause behind the Effect as a catalyst for Change


View the Higher Perspective in the Tapestry of your Life


Improve Decisions by understanding your Energy Patterns


Intuitive Information accessed only with your Agreement

Launch Into Self-Discovery:
Health, Career, Relationship

Lynda Bradley, M.A., has a well-developed skill for reading energetic life-force patterns in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas which connect with the larger tapestry of life. She clarifies the cause behind the effect, these liberating answers that advance our wisdom and help to empower us. You are launched into rapid self-discovery with this deeply pivotal process and quickly gain insights to abbreviate life challenges. You enter through these Inner Gates of Understanding, your Portals into the Light.

In this advanced unique mode of Counseling and Training, Lynda successfully merges multiple modalities, – combining Complementary Medicine, Holistic and Quantum Healing, Spiritual Therapy, Life Coaching and Stress Management.