Testimonials for Lynda Bradley, M.A.

“Finally free from long-term limitations in my immune system, I credit Lynda’s vision and guidance during my many transforming sessions.”
–S.L., Engineer

“In working with Lynda consistently over a period of years, I have evolved through many physical and emotional issues to a place of stability and peace, and I am grateful for her wise perceptions.”
–A.S., Financial Analyst

“Lynda’s healing talent has been a true inspiration to me. She has helped me clear many blockages, allowing me to be much more functional in my daily life.”
–S.G., University Professor

“My work with Lynda has elevated my level of health and helped me with some deep-seated emotional causes of my physical problems. Her gifted insights have been the catalysts for beginning to break old patterns and open myself to new possibilities.”
–F.K., Science Teacher

“Lynda’s readings of my energy systems feel compatible with the growth issues I’ve experienced, and I credit her intuitive work with facilitating my spiritual development.”
–K.T., Attorney

“Having suffered the symptoms of fibromyalgia for many years, I am healthy now, – on all levels, This has been brought about by Lynda’s unique method of intuitive healing – life-transforming process.”
–S.S., Yoga Teacher

“I am tremendously grateful for Lynda’s valuable help. Over a period of seven years, her sessions have released me from many physical and emotional traumas.”
–D.E., Insurance Broker

“Lynda has the knowledge, certification, experience, and caring necessary to be vitally helpful in so many modalities,… She has guided and healed me with this most innovative approach.”
–D.C., Architect